Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Epic Fantasy Story Bundle

I've bought a StoryBundle before - though I haven't had time to read any of the books from it yet.  Their books come in 3 formats, DRM free. 

From the email introducing the new Epic Fantasy bundle:

With StoryBundle, you can name your own price, pay what you think the batch of books is worth, and you'll get the first batch of six. If you pay $12 or more, you'll get three bonus books—Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson, The Immortals by Tracy Hickman, and The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson. – Kevin J. Anderson

The initial titles in the bundle (minimum $3 to purchase) are:
If you pay more than the bonus price of just $12, you'll get three extra bonus books:

Click the links to see what the books are about.  And here's their website if you'd like more information or to buy the bundle.

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