Friday, 23 October 2009

R. A. Salvatore video clips

My husband showed me how I could upload the videos faster, so here are two more clips from R. A. Salvatore's book signing at the World's Biggest Bookstore. Once again, sorry for the quality of the videos (which will probably be worse than the one I posted yesterday).

In the first video he's explaining why he started writing and why he chose to write fantasy over other genres.

In the second video he's answering the question of how he disciplines himself to write and how he handles writer's block. It's a great response. If you find yourself constantly procrastinating when it comes to your own writing, I'd highly recommend listening to his advice.


Unknown said...

The guy in the picture is me, Salvatore is signing my first book, The Thousand Orcs! I only had a disposable camera so I could not get great pictures. At the end of the night I tried to find you but you had already left. Somebody else who works at The World's Biggest Book store told me to call on Monday when you would be working again. I wanted to ask you if I could get a copy of the pictures you took because I only have two crappy ones. Please email me at so that we can talk, thanks so much!

Jessica Strider said...

I wasn't feeling that great on Wednesday so I left early (and got my book signed before his talk). I'd be happy to email you some of the pictures I took.