Thursday, 8 October 2009

Interesting SF Sites

Here are a few things I've seen around the web recently.

Star Wars baby costumes. Very cute, especially the Chewbacca costume.
Courtesy of:

Some pretty amazing science fiction themed cakes, over at Sci-Fi Wire:

And last but not least, superhero My Little Ponies! Wish these had been around back when I played with them.

I found three new ones today (Oct 9th) and figured I'd add them here.

Baked goods for geeks 1:

Baked goods for geeks 2:



Unknown said...

My husband and I had Hans and Leia figurines as the topper on our wedding cake-we met after a showing of Empire Strikes Back that the Missouri SF Society (U. of MO/Columbia) had gone to.
We marched into our reception to the Imperial March.

Jessica Strider said...

That's so cool. I was tempted to use the Imperial March for my wedding, but it didn't fit the Japanese theme we head.