Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Word On The Street - Toronto

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the yearly Word On The Street outdoor literary fair in downtown Toronto. I attended several sessions and looked over many of the booths. One discussion panel had Kelley Armstrong, Robert Charles Wilson and Linwood Barclay on it. Here are two video clips of Robert Wilson responding to questions.

I missed recording the first few words so imagine him saying, "When I first started reading Science Fiction" as a preface as he talks about the state of science fiction in Canada.

This time he's explaining the difference between speculative fiction and science fiction.

I also had the privilege of having the opening of one of my writing pieces read and critiqued. It showed me the value of 1) having someone who is not me read my work and point out simple things that I miss, in order to improve my writing and 2) the value of hearing my work read out loud, to find spots where the writing is awkward or description, etc., unnecessary.

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Bridle Path Toronto said...

This is such a lovely event. Oh and yeah, know exactly what you mean by the positives of hearing your work read out loud. It is just so good and helpful, isn't it?

Regards, Elli