Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in October 2009


Jumper Cable – Piers Anthony
Torchwood: The Undertaker's Gift – Trevor Baxendale
By the Mountain Bound – Elizabeth Bear
Servant of a Dark God – John Brown
Halo Encyclopedia – Tobias Buckell, Ed.
At Empire's Edge – William Dietz
The Wild Things – Dave Eggers
Chaosbound – David Farland
Dragon's Ring – David Freer
Nova War – Gary Gibson
Flesh & Fire – Laura Anne Gilman
Torchwood: Risk Assessment – James Goss
Boilerplate – Paul Guinan
The Gathering Storm – Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
Silver Mage – Katharine Kerr
Small Miracles – Edward Lerner
Torchwood: Consequences – Joseph Lidster
Imager's Challenge – L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
In His Majesty's Service – Naomi Novik (3-in-1)
The Unseen Academicals – Terry Pratchett
The Tuloriad – John Ringo & Tom Kratman
Torchwood Excyclopedia – Gary Russell, Ed.
Forgotten Realms: Ghost King – R.A. Salvatore
Canticle – Ken Scholes
Star Wars: Death Troopers – Joe Schreiber
Quatrain – Sharon Shinn
Are You There & Other Stories – Jack Skillingstead
Slow Sculpture, vol XII:Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon – Theodore Sturgeon
The Golden Shrine – Harry Turtledove
Night Angel Trilogy – Brent Weeks (3-in1)
Star Wars: The Complete Vader – Ryder Windham & Peter Vilmur

Trade Paperback:

Noonshade - James Barclay
Fire on the Mountain – Terry Bisson
Real Unreal: Best American Fantasy vol 3 – Kevin Brockmeier, Ed.
Indigo Springs – A.M. Dellamonica
The Complete Hammer's Slammer's vol 1– David Drake
This Crooked Way - James Enge
Druids – Barbara Galler-Smith
Zombie Raccoons & Killer Bunnies – Martin Greenberg & Kerrie Hughes, Ed.
Hunting Memories – Barb Hendee
The Sleep that Rescues – C.J. Henderson
Heroes in the Wind – Robert Howard
Rise of Iron Moon – Stephen Hunt
The Secret History of Science Fiction – James Patrick Kelly, Ed.
Demon Ex Machina – Julie Kenner
Star Trek Enterprise: Beneath the Raptor's Wing – Michael Martin
Black Blood – John Meaney
Elric in the Dream Realms – Michael Moorcock
Friday Night Blues – Chloe Neill
Monstrous Affections – David Nickle
Red Claw – Philip Palmer
Bite Marks – Jennifer Rardin
The Lucky Strike – Kim Stanley Robinson
Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection – Don Roff
Sasha - Joel Shepherd
Forgotten Realms: House of Serpents Omnibus – Lisa Smedman
Eclipse 3: New Science Fiction & Fantasy – Jonathan Strahan, Ed.

Mass Market Paperback:

Feast of the King's Shadow – Chaz Benchley
The Knights of the Cornerstone – James Blaylock
Laugh Lines – Ben Bova
Soulless – Gail Carriger
The Prisoner – Carlos Cortes
Terminator Salvation: Cold War – Greg Cox
Bitter Night – Diana Francis
Never After – Laurell Hamilton, Yasmine Galenorn, Marjorie Liu & Sharon Shinn
Blood Memories – Barb Hendee
Mermaid's Madness – Jim Hines
Candle in the Storm – Morgan Howell
Tainted – Julie Kenner
The Clone Betrayal – Steven Kent
Eye of the Dragon – Stephen King
Carnifex – Tom Kratman
Foundation – Mercedes Lackey
Dragonheart – Todd McCaffrey
The Devil's Eye – Jack McDevitt
Blood in the Water – Juliet McKenna
City of Jade – Dennis McKiernan
Strength & Honor – R.M. Meluch
War Hammer 40K: Innocence Proves Nothing – Sandy Mitchell
Dragon Lance: Goblin Nation – Jean Rabe
Vigilante – Laura Reeve
Hardcore – Andy Remic
Kris Longknife Undaunted – Mike Shepherd
The Tau Ceti Agenda – Travis Taylor
Star Wars: 501st – Karen Traviss
Decay Inevitable – Conrad Williams
War Hammer: Iron Company – Chris Wraight
Twilight of Kerberos: the Crucible of the Dragon God – Mike Wild

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