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World's Biggest Bookstore's Science Fiction and Fantasy Newsletter Issue 3

November 2006

Rocket Ship Galileo
By: Robert H. Heinlein
Heinlein’s classic novel takes a seemingly unlikely premise and provides the reader with the pure pleasure of imaginative speculation and inspiring scientific prophecy.
The story centres on three young boys, whose love for amateur rocketry insights a distant uncle to take them into his confidence. He is a certified genius, with a dream of building his own spaceship and going to the moon. By contemporary standards this seems remarkably outdated. However, considering that Heinlein penned his work in 1954, before the American space race with the Soviet Union had even begun, he demonstrates his skill at using the fictional to propose ideas for scientific reality.
While Heinlein’s grasp of the speculative nature of science fiction is evident throughout the novel, it is the third-act dramatic twist, which really sets the book apart from others of its type. The novel presents us with the impossible to further our desire to explore the realm of possibility.
James Bernard

By: Marie Brennan
Five days after a witch gives birth, before the child has a soul, a channel is created to allow the girl to work magic. It also creates a doppelganger, which is killed.
Miryo’s doppelganger, Mirage, now a trained hunter/assassin, somehow survived. Miryo must kill her double in order to master the magic which is her birthright. Mirage challenges her to find another way.
The novel is filled with intrigue, street fighting and magic that depends on good writing rather than romance to carry the plot. A stunning debut.
Jessica Strider

Coming in December
Cursor’s Fury - Jim Butcher
Adventures in Unhistory - Avram Davidson
Mistral’s Kiss - Laurell K. Hamilton
Childe Morgan - Katherine Kurtz
Into the Breach - John Ringo
Knight Moves - Joel Rosenberg
Mathematicians in Love - Rudy Rucker
Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe - James M. Ward

Trade Paperback:
Last Battle - Chris Bunch
Glass Soup - Jonathan Carroll
Forsaken Earth - Paul Kearney
Silver’s Lure - Anne Kelleher
Dragon Avenger - Eric Knight
Star of the Morning - Lynn Kurland
Goppelgangsters - Laura Resnick
We the Under people - Cordwainer Smith
The Whitling - Verner Vinge

Mass Market:
Final Key - Catherine Asaro
Carnival - Elizabeth Bear
The Trikon Deception - Ben Bova
Academ’s Fury - Jim Butcher
Wall of Mirrors - Jay Caselberg
Divine by Choice - P.C. Cast
Shadows Linger - Glen Cook
Fey Born - R. Garland Gray
Hell to Pay - Simon R. Green
A Stroke of Midnight - Laurell K. Hamilton
Confederation of Valor - Tanya Huff
Bridge of Souls - Fiona McIntosh
One Good Knight - Mercedes Lackey
Children of the Night - Mercedes Lackey
Ill Met By Moonlight - Mercedes Lackey and Roberta Giles
Talyn - Holly Lisle
Cosmic Cocktails - Denise Little
Dragon Blade - Andre Norton and Sasha Miller
Draco Tavern - Larry Niven
Lord of the Libraries - Mel Odom
Mechwarrior: Dark Age #23 - Blaine Lee Pardoe
Frostfell - Mark Sehestedt
Cartomancy - Michael A. Stackpole
Prometheus Project - Steve White
Frost-Haired Vixen - John Zakour

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