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Sci-Fi Fan Letter Issue 6

World’s Biggest Bookstore’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Newsletter Issue 6 February 2007

Something From the Nightside
By Simon R. Green
If you are going to lose something, like say your keys, do not lose them in The Nightside. If they were the keys to your car, get another car. Keys to your apartment you say? Get another place to live. Still need to go to The Nightside? Fine. Be that way. To enter Simon R. Green’s world, you will have to follow our hero, John Taylor. He is a London detective who is very good at finding things. Finding them even when these things are hidden somewhere in The Nightside. In the first story of the series, a girl is missing and John (against his better judgment) takes the girl’s mother to The Nightside to solve the case. Along the way he runs into some of his, shall we say, more colourful friends. Delightful people with names like Razor Eddy and Suzie Shooter. Green has created a strange dark world with some human and some not so human characters. A great, dark and funny read!
-Sandra B

The Assassin King
By: Elizabeth Haydon
The Assassin King continues the story of Rhapsody’s adventures. After she has given birth, she is saved from a vengeful dragon by Llauron. But doing so may have changed how the dragons control the way the earth and dragon lore develop. The dragons go to a far off home so they can work out what has been lost. War is on the way, the dragon that attacked Rhapsody survived and is still out for revenge, and her best friend Achmed is being hunted, what could be worse?
A living stone statue has sided with a man who wants power and control of the land and is willing to destroy all in order to get it. This could cause the sleeping child to wake and the great worm to destroy everything as we know it.
In The Assassin King, Elizabeth Haydon gives new insight to characters and how they help change the course of events in a time where hope is needed more than anything. She leaves us wanting the next book to see how Rhapsody’s child will affect the timeline in this world.

Vampire Knight Volume 1
By: Matsuri Hino
Cross Academy is not your typical private school. For one thing, there are two types of classes there: the Day Class and the Night Class. For another, Day Class students are never allowed to be outside of their dorms after sunset, the time when the Night Class students emerge from their own separate dorm to go to classes.
Yuki Cross and her partner Zero Kiryu are part of Cross Academy’s Disciplinary Committee. Their job: to maintain order between the two types of students, to protect the students of the Day Class and to prevent them from knowing Cross Academy’s biggest secret: the Night Class is full of vampires.
Matsuri Hino is at her best in this piece. This is a brilliant series full of great plot twists and plenty of bishounen (yum). I highly recommend it. Be on the look out for the rest of this four volume series.

Poison Study
By: Maria V. Snyder
Don’t be fooled by the Luna insignia on the spine, Poison Study is not a romance thinly disguised as a fantasy novel.
When Yelena, a convicted murderer, is given a stay of execution in return for becoming the Commander’s new food taster, she has no idea how complicated her life is about to become.
Yelena faces death from all sides, from the General whose son she killed, the southern magicians who fear her uncontrolled hidden magic, and the poison in her body, used as a means of keeping her from escaping.
Her frantic attempts to survive, told in Snyder’s entertaining first person narration, will keep you turning pages and leave you reaching for the sequel.
-Jessica Strider

Coming in March
Belladonna - Anne Bishop
War Hammer: Ravenor Rogue - Dan Abnett
The Silver Ship and the Sea - Brenda Cooper
Antagonist - Gordon Dickson & David Wixon
Into a Dark Realm - Raymond Feist
Future Weapons of War - Joe Haldeman & Martin Greenberg
For a Few Demons More - Kim Harrison
Fortune’s Fool - Mercedes Lackey
Web of the Trident - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Wolf’s Blood - Jane Lindskold
The Quest for the Trilogy - Mel Odom
60 Days and Counting - Kim Stanley Robinson
Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss
Hell Hath No Fury - David Weber & Linda Evans
Shadowplay - Tad Williams
Sword of the Deceiver - Sarah Zettel

Trade Paperback:
To Outlive Eternity - Poul Anderson
Serpent and the Rose - Kathleen Bryan
Star Trek: Obsidian Alliances - Peter David, Keith DeCondido & Sarah Shaw
Alchemist’s Apprentice - Dave Duncan
Cygnet - Patricia McKillip
Psion - Joan Vinge

Mass Market Paperback:
Ill Wind - Kevin Anderson & Doug Beason
Dragon Lance: Great White Wyrm - Peter Archer
Sebastian - Anne Bishop
Titan - Ben Bova
Ravenloft: To Sleep With Evil - Andria Cardarelle
War Hammer: Chapter War - Ben Counter
Regeneration - Julie Czerneda
Star Trek: Command and Conquer - Keith DeCandido
House of Chains - Steven Erikson
A Mankind Witch - Dave Freer
Battle Star Galactica: Cylons’ Secret - Craig Gardner
Hellboy: Dragon Pool - Christopher Golden
If I Were an Evil Overlord - Martin Greenberg & Russell Davis
Judas Unchained - Peter Hamilton
Poisoned Crown - Amanda Hemingway
In the Eye of Heaven - David Keck
Diablo: Scales of the Serpent - Richard Knaak
Dark Mirror - Juliet Marillier
Crystal Soldier - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Dark Companion - Andre Norton
Scent of Shadows - Vicki Patterson
Watch on the Rhine - John Ringo & Tom Kratman
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling
Dragon Lance: Ebony Eye - Jeff Sampson
War Hammer: Retribution - Steve Savile
Forgotten Realms: Depths of Magic - Erik Scott de Bie
Flashfire - David Sherman
13th House - Sharon Shinn
Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair
War Hammer: Flight of the Eisenstein - James Swallow
Blood and Rust - S.A. Swiniarski
Moonshine - Rob Thurman
Alternate Generals III - Harry Turtledove
Eberron: Forge of the Mind Slayers - Tim Waggoner
The Weapon - Michael Williamson

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