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World's Biggest Bookstore's Science Fiction and Fantasy Newsletter Issue 1

September 2006

From a Well Known and Well Loved Author:
Armageddon’s Children
Terry Brooks
Finally the book that bridges the Word and the Void and the Shannara series. Wonder what happened to the Gypsy Morph? Curious to see the world of John Ross’s nightmares realized? Interested in discovering where and how the Elves have been hiding all this time? This book answers those questions and more.
Plus, meet Mr. Brooks and get your copy of Armageddon’s Children signed on October 2nd at 7 pm when he comes to the World’s Biggest Bookstore! This is his first book launch in Toronto. Don’t miss it.

New fantasy Author:
Mirror Prince
Violette Malan
Opening in Toronto, the book quickly moves into the realm of Faerie. Max Ravenhill never questions that he is in another world, though he does question whether the Warden Cassandra Kennaby is correct in insisting that he is really the Prince Guardian. While his life has not always been easy, he likes who he is and has no desire to become someone else. Despite his doubts he agrees to travel with Cassandra to the Tarn of Souls, where she is only half hopeful that his memories will be returned.
What Max remembers is more than either of them bargained for.
An excellent first novel from a local author.

Coming in October:


Stork Naked - Piers Anthony
Sharing Knife - Lois McMaster Bujold
Fortress of Ice - C.J. Cherryh
Satittarius is Bleeding - Peter David
Spirit Gate - Kate Elliott
1635 - Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis
Eifelheim - Michael Flynn
Devil’s Tango - Herve Jubert
Star Wars: Darth Bane - Drew Karpyshyn
Blade of Fertrin - Juliet Marillier
Ice Dragon - George R. R. Martin
Dragon’s Fire - Anne and Todd McCaffrey
Spellbinder - Melanie Rawn
Sun of Suns - Karl Schroeder
This is How it Ends - Tui T. Sutherland
Moon Riders - Theresa Tomlinson

Trade Paperback:

Witchery - Amber Benson and Christopher Golden
Aphanites - J. Brian Clarke
Prodigal - Marc D. Giller
Red Planet - Robert Heinlein
Eunich’s Heir - Elaine Isaak
Khai of Khem - Brian Lumley
Wing to the Kingdom - Cherie Priest
Forbidden Cargo - Rebecca K.Rowe
Shinigami - Django Wexler
States of Grace - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Mass Market Paperback:

Pet Peeve - Piers Anthony
Disappearing Act - Margaret Ball
Watchers in the Night - Jeanna Black
Warrior and Witch - Marie Brennan
Beyond the Hanging Wall - Sara Douglass
Nobody True - James Herbert
Mission to Minerva - James P. Hogan
Dance of the Assassins - Herve Jubert
Heir of Autumn - Giles Larwyn and Todd Fahnestock
Feast for Crows - George R. R. Martin
Learning the World - Ken MacLeod
Secret Under my Skin - Janet McNaughton
White Wolf’s Son - Michael Moorcock
Righteous Blade - Stan Nicholls
Mr. Twilight - Michael Reaves and Meya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Fifth Quadrant - C.J. Ryan
Dead Man Rising - Lilith Saintcrow
Thraxas Under Siege - Martin Scott
Singer of Souls - Adam Stemple
Transgalactic - A.E. Van Vogt, Eric Flint and David Drake
Night Train to Rigel - Timothy Zahn

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