Monday 20 April 2015

Cover Reveal: Binary, ®evolution book 2, by Stephanie Saulter

I really enjoyed the first book in Stephanie Saulter's ®evolution series, Gemsigns (click here for my review).  The book focused on the plight of genetically altered humans, and what rights - if any - they deserved now that they were no longer owned by the companies that engineered them.  

I'm pleased to present the US cover of book 2, Binary.  Binary hits stores in North America May 5th and is already out (with a different cover) in the UK and Australia.

Zavcka Klist is no longer the ruthless gemtech enforcer determined to keep the gems enslaved she once was. She’s now all about transparency and sharing the fruits of Bel’Natur’s research to help gems and norms alike.
Or is she?
Neither Aryel Morningstar nor Dr. Eli Walker are convinced by this change, but the gems have problems that only a gemtech can solve. In exchange for their help, digital savant Herran agrees to work on Klist’s latest project: reviving the science that drove mankind to the brink of extinction.
Then confiscated genestock disappears from a secure government facility, and the more Detective Varsi investigates, the closer she comes to the dark heart of Bel'Natur and what Zavcka Klist is really after—not to mention the secrets of Aryel Morningstar's own past.

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