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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in March, 2015

As usual, this list was compiled from the Canadian Amazon site's listings.


Dark Intelligence – Neal Asher
Vision in Silver – Anne Bishop
Voyage of the Basilisk – Marie Brennan
The Skull Throne – Peter Brett
Prudence – Gail Carriger
Into the Maelstrom – David Drake & John Lambshead
Ancillary Sword – Ann Leckie (reprint)
Harrison Squared – Daryl Gregory
The Fire Sermon – Francesca Haig
Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi – Kevin Hearne
The Buried Giant – Kazuo Ishiguro
The Collected Stories of R. A. Lafferty v.2: The Man With the Aura – R. A. Lafferty & John Pelan, Ed.
The Crow of Connemara – Stephen Leigh
Into the Fire – Peter Liney
Old Venus – George Martin & Gardner Dozois, Ed.
Icefall – Gillian Philip
Poison – Sarah Pinborough
The Suicide Exhibition – Justin Richards
Forgotten Realms: Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf – R. A. Salvatore
The Boy Who Lost Fairyland – Catherynne Valente
Persona – Genevieve Valentine
Grand Crusades – Jack Vance & Terry Dowling
Doctor Who: Time Trips – various

Trade Paperback:

Operation Arcana – John Joseph Adams, Ed.
The Exile – C. T. Adams 
Son of the Morning – Mark Alder
The Engineer Reconditioned – Neal Asher
The Mermaid’s Child – Jo Baker
Blood Matters – Aviva Bel’Harold
Desert Sonorous: Stories – Sean Bernard
Doctor Who: Amorality Tale – David Bishop
Wisp of a Thing – Alex Bledsoe
Mars, Inc. – Ben Bova
Less Than Hero – S. G. Browne
Ragamuffin – Tobias Buckell (reprint)
The House of War and Witness – Mike Carey & Linda Carey
Path of the Dark Eldar – Andy Chambers
The Burning Dark – Adam Christopher
Probably Monsters – Ray Cluley
Edge of Dark – Brenda Cooper
Doctor Who: Human Nature – Paul Cornell
Hammer and Bone – Kirby Crow
The Fall of Fair Isle – Rowena Cory Daniells
Werewolves: A Hunter’s Guide – Graeme Davis
Path of Power – H. O De Jonge
The Realignment Case – R. J. Dearden
The Key – Sara Elfgren & Mats Strandberg
The Doors You Mark Are Your Own – Okla Elliott & Raul Clement
Alliances – S. Usher Evans
Claimed – Sarah Fine
Wild West Exodus: The Jesse James Omnibus – Craig Gallant & C. L. Werner
Doctor Who: The Roundheads – Mark Gatiss
Doctor Who: Dead of Winter – James Goss
Afterparty – Daryl Gregory
Warhammer 40K: Defenders of Mankind – Guy Haley & David Annandale
Thorn Jack – Katherine Harbour
Witch Upon a Star – Jennifer Harlow
Dead Ever After – Charlaine Harris
Irenicon – Aidan Harte
Dark Detectives: An Anthology of Supernatural Mysteries – Stephen Jones, Ed.
The Gathering Storm – Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson (reprint)
No Man’s World: Omnibus – Pat Kelleher
Valour and Vanity – Mary Robinette Kowal
Smiler’s Fair – Rebecca Levene
Doctor Who: Witch Hunters – Steve Lyons
Warhammer 40K: Nightbringer – Graham McNeill
Wolves of the Northern Rift – Jon Messenger
The Bionics – Alicia Michaels
Throne of Darkness – Douglas Nicholas
The Mermaid’s Sister – Carrie Anne Noble
The Usurper – John Norman
Reluctantly Charmed – Ellie O’Neill
The Midnight Witch – Paula Prackston
Turtle Recall: The Discworld Companion… So Far – Terry Pratchett & Stephen Briggs
Hyperion – Jackson Radley
The Forever Watch – David Ramirez
A Brief History of the Hobbit – John Rateliff
Doctor Who: The Stone Rose – Jac Rayner
Doctor Who: The Shadow in the Glass – Justin Richards & Stephen Cole
Doctor Who: The English Way of Death – Gareth Roberts
Wild West Exodus: Anthology – Brandon Rospond, Ed. 
Veil of the Deserters – Jeff Salyards
Warhammer: Archaon – Rob Sanders
Lockstep – Karl Schroeder
Before and During – Vladimir Sharov
A Quantum Mythology – Gavin Smith
Shadow Study – Maria Snyder
Dead Boys – Gabriel Squalia
The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn – Boris Strugatsky & Arkady Strugatsky 
Thirteen: Stories of Transformation – Mark Teppo
The Mechanical – Ian Tregellis
Fusion Fire – Kathy Tyers
Crescent City – Chariss Walker
Beast Charming – Jennifer Wardell
The Summer Palace – Lawrence Watt-Evans
Robogenesis – Daniel Wilson
Anti-Hero – Jonathan Wood
Warhammer: The Fall of Altdorf – Chris Wraight

Mass Market Paperback:

The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison
Elisha Magus – E. C. Ambrose
Rogue Angel: Bathed in Blood – Alex Archer
The Feminine Future: Early Science Fiction by Women Writers – Mike Ashley, Ed.
Deathlands: End Day – James Axler
Arrow: Vengeance – Oscar Balderrama
The Diamond Conspiracy – Pip Ballantine
Shipstar – Gregory Benford & Larry Niven
Star Trek: Enterprise: Uncertain Logic – Christopher Bennett
The Aylesford Skull – James Blaylock
Transhuman – Ben Bova
Rising Fire – Terri Brisbin
Balance Point – Robert Buettner
Skin Game – Jim Butcher
1920: America’s Great War – Robert Conroy
Alien Resurrection – A. C. Crispin (reprint)
Unwrapped Sky – Rjurik Davidson
Lords of an Empty Land – Randy Denmon
Mother of Demons – Eric Flint
Quick Fix – Linda Grimes
Midnight Crossroad – Charlaine Harris
Shattered – Kevin Hearne
Firestorm – Nancy Holzner
Jack Cloudie – Stephen Hunt
Son of No One – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Immortal Muse – Stephen Leigh
Artemis Awakening – Jane Lindskold
The Assassin’s Blade – Sarah Maas
A Dance With Dragons – George Martin (reprint)
Dragonsinger – Anne McCaffrey (reprint)
Pocket Apocalypse – Seanan McGuire
Stolen Crown – Dennis McKiernan
Of Silk and Steam – Bec McMaster
Star Wars: A New Dawn – John Jackson Miller
Cyador’s Heirs – L. E. Modessitt, Jr.
Infinity Bell – Devon Monk
Nexus – Ramez Naam
The Buried Life – Carrie Patel
Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson
Flex – Ferrett Steinmetz
Dark Lightning – John Varley
The Iron Jackal – Chris Wooding
The Curse of the Wendigo – Rick Yancey


Adamant – Emma Adams
MERCS – Jay Allan
Land of the Giants – D. M. Almond
Gentle Chains – Nazarea Andrews
Dragons Lost – Daniel Arenson
Jungle of Dream Bodies – AuthorX1
Sea of Stars – Amy Bartol
Flayed – S. A. Barton
Dark Alchemy – Laura Bickle
Centralis – Amanda Bridgeman
The Darkside War – Zachary Brown
Users II – Stacy Buck & Jennifer Buck
Chaos Station – Jenn Burke & Kelly Jensen
Scars of Tomorrow Omnibus – Tom Callen
The Bite of Forest Dark – Simon Cantan
Amulet of Asami – Samantha Carlisle
Sarina, Sweetheart – Megan Carney
Deities of a Dinosaur World – Adam Carter
A Key, an Egg, an Unfortunate Remark – Harry Connolly
Ruthless – Robert Crane
Halo: New Blood – Matt Forbeck
Refractions of Frozen Time – Marcha Fox
The Argent Star – Emerson Fray
Ravagers 2 – Clint Gleason
The Great Protectors – Clint Gleason
Star Trek TOS: Shadow of the Machine – Scott Harrison
Outland – Tony Healey
Out of the Bright – Jules Hedger
Longshot – Kevis Hendrickson
Extraordinary – K. M. Herkes
Quaternity – Kenneth Mark Hoover
Lioness of Kell – Paul Horsman
Hunting Season – Nikki Jefford
The Void – Timothy Johnston
Saira and the Queen’s Scroll – Moira Katson
Saira and the Sea’s Treasure – Moira Katson 
A Fistful of Clones – Seaton Kay-Smith
The Last Quarrel – Duncan Lay
Lament the Blade – Elizabeth Lund
Awakening – Ophelia Madden
The Ragnarok Chronicles – Nicki Markus
Thief’s Gambit – Scott Marlowe
Event Nova – Kevin McCarthy
Ruling Esland – H. M. McQueen
Phoenix in my Fortune – R. L. Naquin
Fall of Night – Joseph Nassise
The Planet Thief – J. C. Nathans
Water Rites – J. R. Pearse Nelson
Son of Tesla – Eli Nixon
Secrets of a Warrior – C. H. Noel
The Ark – Laura Liddell Nolen
The Forgotten: An American Faerie Tale – Bishop O’Connell
Bite Me – Alex Owens
Fourth Son – Monica Poole
Nexxus of Shadows – Alan Riehl
Absence of Mind – H. C. H. Ritz
Traitor – Edward Robertson
Ascending Descent – Johnnie Ruffin
The Peyti Crisis – Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Escalation Force – Carl Sinclair
Orbs III: Redemption – Nicholas Sansbury Smith 
Apollo’s Apprentice – J. E. Spatafore
Seems Familiar – Anthony Steele
The Curse Keepers Collection – Denise Grover Swank
Dream of a City of Ruin – Selah Tay-Song
Regeneration – Paul Teague
Resignation – Amanda Thome
Wielder – Mark Tyson
Never Sleep – Cady Vance
Creep: A Collection of Poetry and Flash Fiction – various
Bound to Justice – James Vernon
War of Wizards – Michael Wallace
Sing Me Your Scars – Damien Angelica Walters
Critical Strike – Darren Wearmouth & Colin Barnes
Werewolves – Kate Whitaker
Echoes – T. D. Wilson
Lifemaker – Dean Wilson
Daughters of the Circle – Lenore Wolfe

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