Thursday, 8 January 2015

Shout-Out: The ABLES by Jeremy Scott

Philip Sallinger has just been informed about his genetically-inherited telekinetic abilities, and has no idea how his blindness will affect them. Tomorrow, he starts his first day at a high school exclusively for empowered kids, but he'll face adversity right out of the gate, as he finds himself segregated and ignored with the other disabled students in a superhero version of a Special Education class. As the entire city of Freepoint faces a devastating threat, and the town leadership chooses bureaucratic infighting over actual preparation, Philip and his friends must find a way to work together to maximize their powers and overcome their disabilities. A mysterious figure has begun making unannounced visits to Freepoint, kidnapping key figures, digging up ancient artifacts, and taunting Phillip's group of friends with tantalizing clues and maddening riddles. Will Phillip and company decipher the clues and solve the mystery before a dark shadow falls over the entire town and threatens to cover the entire planet in a permanent darkness?

ETA: I posted this when I did because Amazon had a listing for the book showing a January 2015 release date.  I was surprised that I didn't hear anything more about the book (reviews, interviews, etc.) as the author does the Cinema Sins videos.  In February I saw a Cinema Sins video talking about the upcoming release, which now had a May 15th publication date.  I'm not sure what that January date was (placeholder maybe?).  Anyway, sorry for any confusion this caused.  The book is now available for preorder.

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