Friday, 9 January 2015

Blog Stats for 2014

I've been posting my reading statistics for the past few years (2012, 2013) as a way of seeing what I'm reading with regards to subgenres and genders.  Here are my stats for 2014.

It turns out I read fewer books this year than the past 2 years, though I did read more history books (which take more time than fiction).  I had a fairly even male/female ratio, though that was due less to effort and more because several authors I like had sequels out.  
Gender breakdown:
male 18
female 22
both 2 (one collection, one book by 2 authors)
unknown 1

Subgenre breakdown:
Science fiction  18
     adult    8
     YA       10
Fantasy   22
     epic/traditional   13
     urban   5
     YA   4
Horror   3 (including one collection)

Total: 43

I also read:
graphic novels   5
history books   10
poetry   1
biography   1

Overall total: 60

So many amazing books came out last year and I was only able to read a small portion of them.  I'm hoping to catch up on some of them, but realistically I'm not sure how many I'll get to since I'm sure there will be an equal number of amazing books out this year as well.  Overall I think I balanced things well, both with genre and gender.  I tried to read more lesser known (ie underhyped) books, which I'll try to do again this year.  It's always nice being the person recommending a book no one else has heard of (even as you decry the fact that no one's heard of this AMAZING book).  And yeah, expect more history posts in general this year.

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Carl V. Anderson said...

I to enjoy being the "first" one to recommend a book, and then desperately want it to be read the world over. LOL.