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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in June, 2014

Yesterday was my last day employed by Indigo Books and Music.  As of today, I am no longer a bookseller.  I will miss working at the World's Biggest Bookstore, and miss browsing our huge selection of books on, well, everything.  These past few months as the store closed I really came to appreciate how difficult it is to find new books online.  I couldn't believe, when I worked a shift at another store, how many SFF books came out that I hadn't heard of, even doing these monthly lists and being active in the online SFF community.  There's just so much being published and no way to hear about everything.  And once a book's been out for a while, it becomes even harder to find.

This is one of the reasons why I've been doing more shout-out posts lately, to bring awareness to books that sound cool that I don't see mentioned elsewhere.

Once again, this list is compiled from and reflects Canadian release dates.  I apologize in advance for any errors.  I accidentally went through the July listings for a while before realizing my mistake.  I believe I caught the later titles, but if you find one, please mention it in the comments and I'll fix it.


The Dark Between the Stars – Kevin Anderson
The Adventure of the Ring of Stones – James Blaylock
Rescue Mode – Ben Bova & Les Johnson
Earth Awakens – Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston
The Girl With All the Gifts – M. R. Carey
Cibola Burn – James Corey
Child of a Hidden Sea – A. M. Dellamonica
1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies – Eric Flint & Charles Gannon
Property of a Lady Faire – Simon Green
The Merchant Emperor – Elizabeth Haydon
Shattered – Kevin Hearne
Memory of Water – Emmi Itaranta
Rebels: City of Indra – Kendall & Kylie Jenner
Flight of the Golden Harpy – Susan Klaus
Blood Red – Mercedes Lackey
The Man Who Made Models : The Collected Short Fiction, Vol 2 – R. A. Lafferty
Prince of Fools – Mark Lawrence
Rogues – George Martin & Gardner Dozois, Ed.
The Immortal Crown – Richelle Mead
A Barricade in Hell – Jaime Lee Moyer
Chasers of the Wind – Alexey Pehov
Veil of the Deserters – Jeff Salyards
Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: the novelization – A. C. H. Smith & Brian Froud
Shovel Ready – Adam Sternbergh
California Bones – Greg von Eekhout
Archetype – M. D. Waters
Robogenesis – Daniel Wilson

Trade Paperback:

Omens – Kelley Armstrong
The Voyage of the Sable Keech – Neal Asher
Terra – Mitch Benn
Star Trek Voyager: Fusion – Kirsten Beyer
The Demon Code – Adam Blake
Pat Cadigan SF Gateway Omnibus – Pat Cadigan
D. G. Compton SF Gateway Omnibus – D. G. Compton
Tithe of the Saviours – A. J. Dalton
The Best Horror of the Year, vol 6 – Ellen Datlow
Over My Head – Charles de Lint
Warhammer 40K: Night Lords – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Vintage Visions: Essays on Early Science Fiction – Arthur Evans
The World of the End – Ofir Touche Gafla
The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman
Alien Shores – Vaughn Heppner
Warhammer: Orion; The Council of Beasts – Darius Hinks
The Sea of Time – P. C. Hodgell
Haxan – Kenneth Mark Hoover
The Source – J. D. Horn
The Silent History – Eli Horowitz
The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2014 – Rich Horton, Ed.
Night Shifters – Sarah Hoyt
Blood Pact – Tanya Huff (reprint)
In Dark Service – Stephen Hunt
Knight’s Dawn – Kim Hunter (reprint)
The Last Page – Anthony Huso
Headlong – Simon Ings
Justice – Ian Irvine
Star Trek Voyager: Her Klingon Soul – Michael Jan
The Leopard – K. V. Johansen
Irregular Verbs – Matthew Johnson
Crossroads of Twilight – Robert Jordan (reprint)
The Year of the Ladybird – Graham Joyce
The Shadow Lamp – Stephen Lawhead
Red as Blood: Tales from the Sister Grimmer (expanded edition) – Tanith Lee
If England Were Invaded – William Le Queux (reprint)
The Fires of Man – Dan Levinson
The Disestablishment of Paradise – Phillip Mann
Spell or High Water – Scott Meyer
The Madonna and the Startship – James Morrow
Fate of Worlds – Larry Niven & Edward Lerner (reprint)
Tales from High Hallack, vol 2 – Andre Norton
Lagoon – Nnedi Okorafor
Chernobyl – Frederik Pohl 
Shadowlands – Sarah Read
The Demi-Monde: Summer – Rod Rees
The Wolves of Midwinter – Anne Rice
Shaman – Kim Stanley Robinson
Allegiance – Susannah Sandlin
Baptism of Fire – Andrzej Sapkowski
Koko Takes a Holiday – Kieran Shea
Reflections & Refractions – Robert Silverberg
The Girl with the Scar – William Stadler
Hard to Be a God – Arkady & Boris Strugatsky
Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor
Mermaid in Chelsea Creek – Michelle Tea
Two Fronts – Harry Turtledove
Shield and Crocus – Michael Underwood
Barricade – Jon Wallace
Ecko Burning – Danie Ware

Mass Market Paperback:

Elisha Barber – E. C. Ambrose
Dragons Deal – Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye
The Golden City – J. Kathleen Cheney
The Shadow Master – Craig Cormick
The 400 lb Gorilla – D. C. Farmer
Casino Infernale – Simon Green
Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company – Homer Hickam
Thieves’ Quarry – D. B. Jackson
Born of Fire – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Born of Ice – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Born of Night – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Steadfast – Mercedes Lackey
Star Trek TNG: The Light Fantastic – Jeffrey Lang
Deadly Curiosities – Gail Martin
Gameboard of the Gods – Richelle Mead
Tin Swift: The Age of Steam – Devon Monk
The Blasted Lands – James Moore
The Goliath Stone – Larry Niven & Matthew Joseph Harrington
Blood for the Sun – Errick Nunnally
Bloodstone – Gillian Philip
Copper Ravens – Jannifer Allis Provost
The White Towers – Andy Remic
Under a Graveyard Sky – John Ringo
The Heir of Khored – Deborah Ross
Blood Song – Anthony Ryan
Vicky Peterwald: Target – Mike Shepherd
Neptune’s Brood – Charles Stross
Cobra Slave – Timothy Zahn


Hellsband Hereafter – Paige Cuccaro
Lunation – Jessica Gadd
Hunted – T. A. Grey
Rise of the Dragon King – M. R. Mathias
Fractured Dream – K. M. Randall

YA Fiction:

Night Witches – L. J. Adlington
Deadwood – kell Andrews
Lux: Beginnings – Jennifer Armentrout
Lux: Consequences – Jennifer Armentrout
Siege and Storm – Leigh Bardugo
Dance of Shadows – Yelena Black
The Book of Kindly Deaths – Eldritch Black
Born of Deception – Teri Brown
This Strange and Familiar Place – Rachel Carter
Graduation Day – Joelle Charbonneau
Poison – Molly Cochran
Dark Metropolis – Jaclyn Dolamore
The Girl Who Never Was – Skylar Dorset
Chasing Stars – Helen Douglas
Otherbound – Corinne Duyvis
The Lost Sun – Tessa Gratton
The Strange Maid – Tessa Gratton
Cuckoo Song – Francis Hardinge
The Monster Within – Kelly Hashway
The Dragonfly Pool – Eva Ibbotson
Freak – Marie Jones
The Wicked Within – Kelly Keaton
The Garden of Darkness – Gillian Murray Kendall
The Feros – Wesley King
Hexed – Michaelle Krys
Ashes on the Waves – Mary Lindsey
Guardian – Alex London
In the End – Demitria Lunetta
Deviants – Maureen McGowan
Future Flash – Kita Helmetag Murdock
My Last Kiss – Bethany Neal
Valkyrie: The Runaway – Kate O’Hearn
Essence – Lisa Ann O’Kane
Dark Days – Kate Ormand
Lightfinder – Aaron Paquette
Earthbound – Aprilynne Pike
Summoned – Anne Pillsworth
Don’t You Forget About Me – Kate Karyus Quinn
The Art of Wishing – Lindsay Ribar
Phoenix – Elizabeth Richards
Wings – Elizabeth Richards
Take Back the Skies – Lucy Saxon
Push – Eve Silver
Cinderella’s Dress – Shonna Slayton
Dark Summer – Ali Sparkes
Hungry – H. A. Swain

Neptune’s Tears – Susan Waggoner

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