Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Marjorie Liu's "Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box" PC Game

PassionFruit Games has released a PC (and soon Mac) game based on Marjorie M. Lui's novel Tiger Eye. Looks interesting.

From their website:

PassionFruit Games is thrilled to announce one of the first ever “romance casual” games written by, designed by, and created for women. The game is a hidden object-style adventure game loaded with compelling puzzles and addictive mini-games. Between levels, players will experience hand-drawn, voice-acted cut scenes that depict the story from bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu’s novel Tiger Eye.

The game will be divided into two episodes. Curse of the Riddle Box corresponds to the first half of the book and takes place in China; the concluding installment takes place in the United States. Each episode will be available as a stand-alone game for just $6.99. Players will also have the option to purchase the games as part of larger packages which include soundtracks, artwork and strategy guides. Curse of the Riddle Box will be available for the PC on April 28, 2010 – the Mac release will follow soon after in May.


Play as the psychically-gifted Dela Reese as she’s hurtled into danger after purchasing an ancient riddle box in a Beijing dirt market. From the box emerges Hari, a striking 7-foot tall warrior who has been imprisoned for 2000 years. Help Dela thwart assassins who seek the power of the box, and find a way for her and Hari to safely return to Dela’s homeland, while earning each other’s respect and love.

And the game's already received a few reviews. Here's one by a gamer and one by a romance author.

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