Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Magic Garden

My husband bought me a Magic Garden for Christmas. I'd planned on 'growing' it on a day when I'd be in my office for quite some time which, with the kitties meowing outside my door and all the chores that need to get done never seemed to happen. So, today I got the kit out and decided to make time for it.

The kit comes with a base, 5 grass sections, a mountain, two trees and 4 packets of liquid to make the garden bloom.

The kit is not designed for kids under 10. Given how much trouble I had getting the grass pieces to stay in their slots I can only imagine how quickly a child would lose patience with it. For the trees you're supposed to push the branches apart. Apparently you have to be firm with that, because when I poured the liquid over the trees they went back to their default positions.

I also found that the liquid packet for the mountain didn't come close to covering it. There's enough left over from the trees to make up the lack so it wasn't a problem. I also realized that the liquid would crawl up from the bottom covering any areas I missed.

I assumed it would take several hours before anything happened (the package says 3 hours for the trees to bloom and 10 for everything to be done). But less than half an hour after pouring the liquid on, I turned around and the cherry trees were already starting to bloom! The tiny blossoms are beautiful.

Watching this grow, it's like something out of a science fiction story.

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