Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Great Video Round Up

Thanks to my husband, I stumbled across a wide variety of good videos last night and decided to spread the word. The first one details the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, using the Marauders map as a basis.

The second is a video of some of the giants in the field (Isaac Asimov, Harlen Ellison, etc.) talking about the value of science fiction.

The next few can all be found at
The End of the World Parody (The song modernized.)
Dangerous Wands (A Dangerous Minds trailer a la Harry Potter.)
The Dark Knight is Confused Rap (I saw this elsewhere a few days ago, but it's a good one. Batman raps about some of the more disjointed aspects of Dark Knight.)
Hardly Working Star Wars Fantasy (What happens when your fantasy life is too concerned with film accuracy than, um, other things.)

And last but not least, for science buffs, here's a star size comparison video:

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