Friday, 4 April 2008

Those Who Walk In Darkness - John Ridley

I know I said my review would become more critical, but these last two books were so awesome it was hard to come up with negative aspects besides lots of swearing (which is a matter of taste rather than bad writing).

Fans of the X-Men and Marvel's Civil War storyline will love this 2003 publication.

After San Francisco was destroyed by a mutant, the president of the United States issued an Executive Order: mutants have 30 days to leave the country after which they will be declared enemies of the state.

Enter Soledad O'Roark, newly promoted to MTAC, the elite police task force assigned to deal with those mutants who remained.

She's created a weapon that will turn the tables on their vaunted powers. That is, if office politics don't put her and her gun out of commission first.

The short, clipped phrases, constant repitition and bad grammar, rather than irritating the reader, add to the edginess of the protagonist and the starkness of the world she inhabits.


K.V.C said...

Great Book. Great story, Great character. However if you like this book, AVIOD the followup "What Fire Cannot Burn".

Jessica Strider said...

I just finished "What Fire Cannot Burn" yesterday. I can see your point. I loved the first half of the story then... Well, to say the middle surprised me is a serious understatement. It took me a while to get back into the book. The ending was good, so I'm glad I read it through, but I can't recommend it as heartily as I did the first one.