Saturday, 26 April 2008

Science fiction and Fantasy Books Coming In June

I usually post this on the first of the month but as I'll be away for a few weeks I'm posting it early. I've noticed that a lot of publishers and other sites have been slow in updating their upcoming books sections, so I'm sure some things have been missed on this list.

I probably won't be posting anything until the end of May/beginning of June, so have a great month everyone and check back later for more book reviews, author interviews and reading lists.

Coming in June

Into the Storm - Taylor Anderson
Ninth Circle - Alex Bell
A Fire in the North - David Bilsborough
Kushiel’s Mercy - Jacqueline Carey
Tigerheart - Peter David
Grantville Gazette IV - Eric Flint, Ed.
Daemons are Forever - Simon Green
Valor’s Trial - Tanya Huff
Havemercy - Jaida Jones
Snow Queen - Mercedes Lackey
Escapement - Jay Lake
Hawkspar - Holly Lisle
Very Hard Choices - Spider Robinson
Wise Man’s Fear - Patrick Rothfuss
King’s Shield - Sherwood Smith
After the Downfall - Harry Turtledove
Summer Palace - Lawrence Watt-Evans
Forgotten Realms: Dragon Forge - James Wyatt

Trade Paperback:
Dmitri: A Tale of Old & New Russia - Olive Jeanfreau Alexander
Sidewise in Crime - Lou Anders, Ed.
Invisible Ring - Anne Bishop (reprint)
Midnight Never Come - Marie Brennan
The Books of the South: Tales of the Black Company - Glen Cook
The Mall of Thulium - Seamus Cooper
Star Trek DSN: These Haunted Seas - David George III & Heather Jarman
A Wind Named Amnesia - Hideyuki Kikuchi
Hounds of Ash - Greg Keyes
Lenkhmar 6: Swords and Ice Magic - Fritz Leiber
The Execution Channel - Ken Macleod
Masters of the Pit - Michael Moorcock
The Spider: City of Doom - Norvell Page
Dragonlight - Donita Paul
House of Suns - Alastair Reynolds
Blood heir - Brian Rubkley
Son of Man - Robert Silverberg
Spectre - Phaedra Welson
Mirrored Heavens - David Williams

Mass Market:
Metal Swarm - Kevin Anderson
Blood & Iron - Elizabeth Bear
Tower of Shadows - Drew Bowling
Alton Gift - Marion Zimmer Bradley
Final Sacrifice - Patricia Bray
Ragamuffin - Tobias Buckell
Lost Fleet Valiant - Jack Campbell
Passage at Arms - Glen Cook
Touching Silver - Jamie Craig
Infoquake - David Louis Edelman
Night of Knives - Ian Esselmont
Murder in LaMut - Raymond Feist & Joel Rosenberg
Shadows Return - Lynn Flewelling
Man With the Golden Torc - Simon Green
Future Americas - John Helfers
Magic The Gathering: Eventide - Cory Herndon
Hart of Valor - Tanya Huff
Cold Minds - Kristin Landon
Dragonforge - James Maxey
Star Wars: Jedi Twilight: Coruscant Nights - Michael Reaves
Deeper Blue - John Ringo
Last Vampire - Patricia Rosemour
Paladin II: Knight Moves - Joel Rosenberg
Everfree - Nick Sagan
Forgotten Realms: Siege of Darkness - R.A. Salvatore (reprint)
Mistborn - Brandon Sanderson
Gordath Wood - Patrice Sarath
Outrageous Fortune - Tim Scott
Forgotten Realms: Ascendancy of the Last - Lisa Smedman
New World - Michael Stackpole
Halting State - Charles Stross
The Margarets - Sheri Tepper
War Hammer: Runefang - C.L. Werner
Exodus - Steve White
Star Trek DSN: Fearful Symmetry - Olivia Woods
Pound of Flesh - Susan Wright
Dragon & Judge - Timothy Zahn

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