Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Book Review: London Belongs to the Alchemist by Stephen Henning

Pros: fast paced, multiple plotlines, real consequences for decisions, lots of plot twists


For Parents: kissing, drug use (with consequences), bullying, gun violence, rioting

Sam and James are back in London returning to school for the first time since the bus bombing that gave them their powers and killed several of their classmates.  They’re coerced into attending a party run by the Alchemist, who hands out a new drug called Super D and falls for Sam.  Back at school the twins face bullying and their world is turned upside down when Lolly Rosewood comes calling.

This book has a bit of everything: drugs, guns, first love, grounding, bullying, and more.  It stays age appropriate, though things get bloodier than I’d expected.  Seeing the characters make difficult decisions and then deal with the consequences keeps things real.

Everything’s fast paced and several plotlines interweave to create a complex story where it’s hard to guess what’s going to happen next.

Lolly’s plot arc was very surprising, both in how she was treated by others and also in her personal growth by the end of the story.

This is the 4th book in the Class Heroes series, but not the last, as there are aspects of the story left open at the end of this novel.

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Steve Henning said...

Thank you very much for the review, Jessica. I hope your blog followers enjoy it too.

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Stephen Henning