Thursday, 21 March 2013

Do You Like My "Upcoming Books" Posts?

I've added a poll to the side of my blog asking the above question.  Indigo, the site I use for my upcoming books posts (here's one, if you don't know what posts I'm referring to), has change their site to the extent that it will be impossible for me to get the information I need from it.

I therefore have two options.  I can:
a) stop doing them
b) find a new source (Amazon?)

When I first started doing these posts I grabbed the info from each publisher's website.  Obviously that was both time consuming and created incomplete lists (as there would always be smaller presses I missed).  Using the Indigo site let me get Canadian releases for books, as well as catch a lot of the lesser known books I otherwise missed.  Of course, using Indigo, I still miss a lot of self-published and small press authors that Indigo doesn't deal with.  I'm not keen on Amazon as it's slowly eroding my career as a bookseller (as is progress in the form of ebooks, and big box stores like the one I work at, so I can't lay too much at their feet) - but it does make me less inclined to use them, though they're the most logical source to switch to.

So I ask you, do you like the posts?  Should I find an alternate way of getting the publication dates?  Or do you use SF Signal's list or one from another site?

Please vote on my poll and let me know if you find the posts useful or if I should retire them.

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