Wednesday, 30 March 2011

F. Paul Wilson to do Repairman Jack Graphic Novels

From the Sea Lion Books press release:

Sea Lion Books announces the acquisition of the comic book and graphic novel rights to F. Paul Wilson’s young adult novels Jack: Secret Histories, Jack: Secret Circles and Jack: Secret Vengeance. The books form a prequel trilogy to the New York Times bestselling author’s Repairman Jack novels, and not only explore the background of the adventurous problem solver, but also provide clues to the origins of the “Secret History of the World” that forms the nexus of the Repairman Jack universe. Scripted by Wilson himself, the adaptations will feature new material not found in the novels.
I haven't read all of the Repairman Jack novels, but I'll be rereading the first one (The Tomb) again soon, and remember the series being quite well written. If you want to know more about Jack's past, here's your chance.

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