Friday, 1 January 2010

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in February 2010

As usual, I've tried to make this list comprehensive, but if I've missed something please mention it in the comments and I'll add it to the list.


Able One – Ben Bova
The Dark-Eyes' War – David Coe
The Motley Man – Daniel Duguay
Falconfar – Ed Greenwood
Black Magic Sanction – Kim Harrison
Moonshine – Alaya Johnson
World of Warcraft: Stormrage – Richard Knaak
The Conqueror's Shadow – Ari Marmell
Shadow Prowler – Alexey Pehov
Live Free or Die – John Ringo
Blackout – Connie Willis
Except the Queen – Jane Yolen

Trade Paperback:

Captain Flandry: Defender of the Terran Empire – Poul Anderson
The Empress of Mars – Kage Baker
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, volume 2B – Ben Bova, Ed.
Red Inferno: 1945 – Robert Conroy
Tales of Wonder & Imagination – Ellen Datlow, Ed.
War Hammer 40K: Soul Hunter – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
The Complete Hammer's Slammers, volume 2 – David Drake
Jade Man's Skin – Daniel Fox
Metro 2033 – Dmitry Glukhovsky
El Borak – Robert Howard
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – N. K. Jemish
Spirit – Gwyneth Jones
Star Wars: Clone Wars: Stealth – Karen Miller
Raven's Ladder – Jeffrey Overstreet
The Folding Knife – K. J. Parker
Fathom – Cherie Priest
Britonomicon – Robert Rankin
Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse – Robert Rankin
Knees up Mother Earth – Robert Rankin
The Toyminator – Robert Rankin
Heavy Metal Pulp: Pleasure Model – Christopher Rowley

Mass Market Paperback:

David Falkayn: Star Trader – Poul Anderson
Chill – Elizabeth Bear
Cat's Claw – Amber Benson
Unknown – Rachel Caine
The Horseman's Gambit – David Coe
Star Trek: New Frontier: Treason – Peter David
Earth Strike – Ian Douglas
The Alchemist's Pursuit – Dave Duncan
Forgotten Realms: The God Catcher – Erin Evans
Shadows Past – Lorna Freeman
Wing of Wrath – C. S. Friedman
Xombies: Apocalypticon – Walter Greatshell
A Girl's Guide to Guns & Monsters – Martin Greenberg & Kerrie Hughes, Ed.
The Dark Storm – Kris Greene
A Madness of Angels – Kate Griffin
Demon Possessed – Stacia Kane
State of Decay – James Knapp
Caliphate – Tom Kratman
Steal Across the Sky – Nancy Kress
Fledgling – Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Monster – A. Lee Martinez
War Hammer 40K: A Thousand Sons – Graham McNeill
Imager – L. E. Modessit, Jr.
Blood of the Demon – Diana Rowland
Fall of Thanes – Brian Ruckley
War Hammer: Call to Arms – Michael Scanlon
Bad to the Bone – Jeri Smith-Ready
Star Wars: Luke Skywalker & the Shadows of Mindor – Matthew Stover
Dead Matter – Anton Strout
Heretics – S. Andrew Swann

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