Sunday, 1 March 2009

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in April 2009


Turn Coat - Jim Butchet
God of Clocks - Alan Campbell
Traitor’s Gate - Kate Elliott
A Madness of Angels - Kate Griffin
Longeye - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Corambis - Sarah Monette
Grey Apocalypse - James Murdoch
A Forthcoming Wizard - Jody Lynn Nye
Fire Raiser - Melanie Rawn
The Revolution Business - Charles Stross
Contact With Chaos - Michael Williamson

Trade Paperback:

The Oracle Paradox - Steve Antczak
Dragons Lucky - Robert Asprin
Digital Magic - Phillippa Ballantine
The Sam Gunn Omnibus - Ben Bova
The Secret War - M.F.W. Curran
Star Trek: The New Frontier: Treason - Peter David
Nebula Awards Showcase 2009 - Ellen Datlow, Ed.
The Good Humor Man - Andrew Fox
God Emperor of Didcot - Toby Frost
Heritage: The Chronicles of Xandim - Maggie Furey
New Dawn Rising - Scott Gamboe
Robots Have no Tails - Henry Kuttner
Every Demon Has His Day - Cara Lockwood
Cowboy Angels - Paul McAuley
The Game of Stars & Comets - Andre Norton (Omnibus edition including: The X Factor, Voorloper, The Eye of the Monster and The Sioux Spaceman)
The Treat From the Sea - Mel Odom
Kings & Assassins - Lane Robins
The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss
Hell’s Horizon - D.B. Shan
Dancing on the Head of a Pin - Thomas Sniegoski
Visitors - John Stewart
Chinese Opera - Ian Wedde

Mass Market Paperback:

Blue Diablo - Ann Aguirre
The Holy Machine - Chris Beckett
The Firebrand - Marion Zimmer Bradley
Curse the Dawn - Karen Chance
Kingdoms of the Night - Allan Cole
Forgotten Realms: Downshadow - Erik Scott De Bie
Dark Sun: Obsidian Oracle - Troy Denning
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse - Thomas Sniegoski
Red-Headed Stepchild - Jaye Wells
Shadowmarch - Tad Williams
Eberron: Dragon Forge - James Wyatt
Ballistic Babes - John Zakour (Omnibus: Radioactive Redhead & Frost-Haired Vixen)


Becky said...

Great list! This is great news. I just finished reading A. J. Scudiere's latest book, "Resonance" - can I just say that I can't wait until AJ's next book comes out- it was the best! Now that I have finished her book, I feel so bored. The fact that other great books are coming out excites me to no end! Thanks for the great list!

A.J. Hartley said...

Intriguing looking list and great site overall. I saw my new book on your list for March and wondered if you'd looked at it. If you feel like doing an author interview some time, drop me a line through my website

Best wishes and good luck with the writing

A.J. Hartley