Monday, 1 September 2008

Science fiction and Fantasy Books Coming In October


Crusade - Taylor Anderson
Two to the Fifth - Piers Anthony
Living With the Dead - Kelley Armstrong
All the Windwracked Stars - Elizabeth Bear
Sunborn - Jeffrey Carver
Slow Train to Arcturus - Eric Flint & David Freer
January Dancer - Michael Flynn
Quofum - Alan Dean Foster
Wolfsbane & Mistletoe - Charlaine Harris, Ed.
Gentleman Takes a Chance - Sarah Hoyt
A Gathering of Doorways - Michael Jasper
Foundation - Mercedes Lackey
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon - James Luceno
City of Jade - Dennis McKiernan
The Serrano Connection - Elizabeth Moon
Forgotten Realms: The Pirate King - R.A. Salvatore
The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson

Trade Paperback:

The Holy Machine - Chris Beckett
Of Wind and Sand - Sylvie Berard
Star Trek: SCE: Wounds - Ilsa Bick
The Wars of Shadow: Attrition - Keith Bowers
Nuclear Winter Wonderland - Joshua Covin
Return of the Crimson Guard - Ian Esslemont
They Physiognomy - Jeffrey Ford
Reality Dysfunction - Peter Hamilton
Blood Memories - Barb Hendee (reprint)
Kingdom Beyond the Waves - Stephen Hunt
Marshal Law: Origins - Pat Mills
Steel Remains - Richard Morgan
Fast Ships, Black Sails - Naomi Novik
Madman’s Dance - Jana Oliver
Agent to the Stars - John Scalzi
Gears of War - Karen Traviss
Futures from Nature - Henry Tor, Ed.
War Hammer: Matthias Thulmann: Witch Hunter - C.L. Werner

Mass Market Paperback:

The Trouble With Aliens - Christopher Anvil
Firstborn - Arthur Clarke & Stephen Baxter
Miles, Mutants & Microbes - Lois McMaster Bujold
The Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryh - C.J. Cherryh
Brimstone Kiss - Carole Nelson Douglas
Fantasy: the Best of the Year 2008 - Rich Horton, Ed.
The Hour of the Dragon - Robert Howard
A Woman With Ten Coppers - Morgan Howell
Heart & Soul - Sarah Hoyt
Star Wars: Rule of Two - Drew Karpyshyn
The Clone Elite - Steven Kent
Desperation - Stephen King
Deryni Rising - Katherine Kurtz
Witch High - Denise Little, Ed.
Cauldron - Jack McDevitt
Once Upon a Dreadful Time - Dennis McKiernan
The Sagittarius Command - R.M. Meluch
Dragon Lance: Heir of Kayolin - Douglas Niles
The Escapement - K.J. Parker
Dead Reign - T.A. Pratt
Star Trek: The Academy: Collision Course - William Shatner
1634: The Baltic War - David Weber & Eric Flint
The Way of the Shadow - Brent Weeks
War Hammer: Blood for the Blood God - C.L. Werner
King of Sword and Sky - C.L. Wilson


Anonymous said...

I was looking through your list and saw that a couple of the books actually come out this month:
* Return of the Crimson Guard Esslemont, Ian 09/16/08
* Fantasy: the Best of the Year 2008 Anthology 09/30/08
* The Hour of the Dragon Howard, Robert 09/30/08
* The Way of the Shadow Weeks, Brent 09/30/08
* King of Sword and Sky Wilson, CL 09/30/08

Jessica Strider said...

Release dates vary by country and oddly enough, often by internet site. I've taken this from the Chapters/Indigo website where, for example the release date of King of Sword and Sky is 10/08/08.