Friday, 13 June 2008

The Writer Behind the Words - Dara Girard

Subtitled, "Steps to Success in the Writing Life", Girard's book is a wake up call to people who think writing is a breeze, and an encouragement for those who know it isn't. If you're interested in getting into writing, I'd suggest this as a book that shows you the reality of the writing life. To give you an example, she lists six hard truths you have to understand if you want to be successful:
It doesn't get easier, Someone will always be better than you, Talent isn't what you think it is, You'll want to quit, You'll get criticism and There are no guarantees. The book also has tips on how to encourage yourself when the going gets tough (or when the rejection letters start arriving). The book ends on a positive note not to give up on your dream.

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