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The publisher link list was getting rather long, so I've removed it from my blog and made it a page.  I've also added a small explanation of what some of the smaller presses publish, for those who haven't heard of these before.  If you know a small press (or ebook press) I'm missing that publishes SF/Fantasy, comment it and I'll add them to this page.

Abaddon (UK)  (Publishes mostly series books: Pax Britannica, Afterblight Chronicles, etc.)
Anarchy Books (UK) (DRM-free genre ebooks)
Apex Book Company (Publishes science fiction, fantasy and horror)
Aqueduct Press (Feminist science fiction)
Bad Dream Entertainment (dark, edgy, 'fringe', fiction; horror/SF/F, short stories + longer works)
Black Library (Publishes game based books, specifically War Hammer, etc.)
Blind Eye Books (S/SF with gay/lesbian protagonists)
Bundoran Press (CDN)  (science fiction and fantasy only, print & ebook editions)
California Coldblood (science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction)
Candlemark & Gleam (specialize in fantastika and speculative fiction)
Carina Press (Harlequin's epublication line)
Chaosium (Mostly publishes horror, specifically Cthulhu based collections)
Chizine Publications (CDN) (Mostly publishes horror and dark fantasy, starting a YA line)
Collector's Guide Publishing (Apogee Books) (Publishes non-fiction science books and reprint science fiction novels)
Crossed Genre Publications (Small press that publishes anthologies, SF and fantasy novels)
Curiosity Quills Press (Publish hard-hitting dark sci-fi, speculative fiction, and paranormal works aimed at adults, young adults, and new adults)
Dark Fuse (modern horror, suspense and thrillers)
Desert Breeze Publishing (ebook publisher, romantic fiction in various subgenres including fantasy and SF)
Dorchester Publishing (Mostly publishes romance and horror)
Dragon Moon Press (CDN) (Publishes fantasy)
Dreamspinner Press (Press dedicated to male/male romance)
Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy (CDN) (Publishes science fiction)
Egmont UK (kids/teen)
Eraserhead Press (Publishes edgy fiction)
ESP (Elder Signs Press) (Specialize in science fiction, dark fiction, fantasy and horror)
Fantastic Books  (Publishes new and reprint science fiction and fantasy)
Evil Girlfriend Media (Publishes sci-fi, fantasy & horror)
Flux (Publishes YA fiction exclusively.  They do SF, F, romance, etc.)
47 North (Amazon's SF/F/H publishing division)
Haikasoru  (Publishes translated Japanese science fiction and fantasy)
Hammer Books (Horror imprint based on Hammer Films)
HiLo Brow (Radium Age Science Fiction reprints)
Infinity Plus Books (UK) (genre books from big names)
Inkshares (Does publisher side of things for books that get 750+ pre-orders on their site (750 = ebook, 1000 = physical books distributed to bookstores via Ingram))
Juno (Publishes fantasy and science fiction with female protagonists)
LUNA  (Harlequin's fantasy line)
Medallion Press  (Publishes a bit of everything, including SF/F)
Momentum (Part of Pan MacMillan Australia, publish non-DRM ebooks globally, some SF/F/H)
Open Road Integrated Media (ebook publisher, reprints and new fiction of all genres)
Phoenix Pick (imprint of Arc Manor) ebook publisher, reprints older and classic SF; acts more as a store and does not accept unsolicited manuscripts at this time
Pill Hill Press (Specializes in horror, suspense, dark fantasy and science fiction)
Planet Stories (Reprints classic SF/F)
Prime Books  (Publishes science fiction and fantasy)
PS Publishing (UK) (specializes in genre fiction)
Ravenstone Books (CDN) (literary genre imprint of Turnstone Press, publishing mysteries)
Robert J. Sawyer Books  (Science Fiction imprint of Red Deer Press)
Saga Press (Simon and Schuster's SF imprint)
Samhain Publishing (Specializes in romance and horror)
Strange Chemistry (YA science fiction and fantasy)
Subterranean Press (publishes exclusive editions of science fiction, fantasy and horror)
Tu Books (imprint of Lee & Low Books) (Press dedicated to diversity, publishing YA science fiction and fantasy)
Twelfth Planet Press (Australian publisher of women's SF/F/H and mystery)
TZPP (The Zharmae Publishing Press) (Publishes science fiction and fantasy)
Unsung Stories (UK) (publishes SF/F/H that 'defies categorization', story collections)
Wildside Press (Publishes fantasy)
Wizards of the Coast  (publishes shared world fantasies: D&D, Forgotten Realms, Eberron, etc.)
Wizards Tower Press (independent publisher specializing in science fiction and fantasy fiction)

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